Advantages And Disadvantages Of Timing Belts

Exactness enlistment and timing with no loss of high torque conveying the ability

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  • Insignificant vibration and chordal impact
  • Positive slip verification commitment
  • Wide speed extend, particularly significant when the whole speed range is created from a solitary source
  • Basically no prolongation (extending) because of wear
  • High mechanical effectiveness, as much as 98% when appropriately kept up. On the other hand, chain drives are in the 91-98% productivity extend, while V-Belts normal in the 93-98% territory.
  • Power transmission productivity isn’t lost with use
  • Clean activity, no requirement for grease
  • Decreased commotion
  • Long, trustworthy inconvenience free administration
  • Superb scraped area opposition


  • Opposes synthetic substances and contaminants
  • Expanded drive plan choices
  • Weight reserve funds
  • Wellbeing issues
  • Conservative tasks:
  • No requirement for costly drive walled in areas
  • No requirement for grease frameworks
  • No requirement for tensioning gadgets
  • No change required because of stretch or wear
  • No expense for ointment or transfer charges
  • No ragged sprocket substitution
  • No progressing support costs for roller chain
  • Vitality investment funds
  • Diminished expenses related with “personal time” over lost efficiency

Timing Belt – Disadvantages

Our own experience has demonstrated that the planning belt isn’t impeccable in each circumstance when looking at it against a chain drive. Having the option to perceive timing belt constraints causes us to teach our clients in settling on the correct choices on their specific applications needs.

Accessibility of various chain sizes considers the utilization of littler pitch distances across as well as number of teeth while accomplishing the ideal proportion

  • Higher speeds and power limits
  • Separable chain connections make establishment simpler in certain occurrences
  • The requirement for exact starting arrangement of drive parts
  • No slippage
  • Higher drive proportions at shorter focus separations
  • Lower bearing burdens
  • Less influenced by temperature or moistness
  • Less influenced by oil and oil
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