Pricing and Value For Voiceovers

I’m hoping that this article will appeal not only to the voiceover artists themselves but also the voiceover seekers as well. Hopefully, the information will be as pertinent to them. The topic for this article is voiceover Pricing, which is often a neglected part of the marketing mix but as we all know quite a crucial aspect. Get one of the best Portuguese voiceover.

If you look at any of the voiceover forums, it does cause immense problems & I think it causes problems on each side – voiceover seekers don’t know how to price a project -what budget to set. At the same time, voiceover artists struggle to set a rate for a particular project. They don’t want to price themselves too high and obviously, they don’t want to undercut themselves so its a tricky balance of finding a happy medium where both parties feel comfortable and they both feel that it is a good price for the VALUE they are adding and receiving.










It always surprises me that some voiceover seekers, even though they are searching out the services of a professional voiceover are not willing to pay a fair price for the services offered. They must have some awareness, a notional idea of the benefits that using a pro voiceover will bring to their brand, their company, their product/service yet they’re not willing to pay for it or willing to pay a fair price.


I think some of the problem may stem from the impression that voice over is an easy job – anyone can do it. And with the Internet and more accessible technology its easy for anyone to set themselves up as a voiceover talent. And this mentality seems to have reached some voice seekers who are unaware of the true costs and investment that is necessary to provide you with your professional radio commercial voiceover, your e-learning narration, your corporate video read.

And its also important for you, the voiceover artist, to remember how you have got to where you are now and how each element needs to be thrown into the mix to arrive at a pricing strategy that gives you and your work value.

So if you or a client starts to question your rates here’s some things to take into consideration when and why the price is what it is.

Updated: June 26, 2019 — 9:30 am

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