VGOD CUBANO Rich Creamy Cigar

Tobacco and caramel are a genuine match made in paradise. Solid, profound tobacco is mellowed out by the sweet, rich taste that draws out the best of its common, natural flavor. Breathe in for a satiny, enchanting mix that is a staple in any vape juice gathering.

Tasteful and refined, this flavor will turn into a much of the time utilized squeeze in your every day schedule. Click the link to Buy Vgod Cubano 




1. Presentation If you are a vaping fan and searching for premium line of e juices with the most common taste, at that point here’s a rundown and audit of the best 7 e juice flavors from the place of the amazing e juice maker, VGOD, who has actually brought the vaping scene into tempest. This audit and guide would enable you to pick your preferred one!

2. VGOD CUBANO BLACK When the vigorous kind of VGOD Cubano Black hits your sense of taste you get a mix of intense rich, smooth vanilla custard. With the breathe out, get a very much adjusted smooth kind of that gives you a dream of strong machismo.

3. SALTNIC MELON E-JUICE SaltNic Melon E-Juice is another succulent flavor from the gathering known as Melon Mix. This expertly made nicotine salt based e juice gives you an agreeable nicotine move all as the day progressed. You need to utilize this e squeeze just with case framework. This would be your most wanted pick as you continued looking for fruity flavor e juice. Pick a container today and continue grinning!

4. VGOD PINK CAKES VGOD Pink Cakes tastes precisely like a heavenly, cushy, pink cake, naturally removed from the broiler. You get the flavor of pink cake covered in rich buttercream icing, giving you a mouth-watering vape to be delighted in all as the day progressed. This flavor has been only intended for you on the off chance that you look for taste and fun in your e fluid. With each draw, you would get an imagine of gnawing into the pleasant delightfulness of feathery pink cake, bested with inconspicuously sweet icing of buttercream.

5. VGOD LUSCIOUS VGOD Luscious is a tempting blasted of new and delicious watermelon treat, which accompanies super-sweetness to make a smooth throughout the day vape juice. You get the kind of succulent watermelons on the breathe in and undercurrent of sweet blended melons on the breathe out. This flavor endowments you with the fruity sprinkle that makes the day immaculate on the late spring breaks.

6. VGOD CUBANO SILVER If you are agreeable to tastefulness then VGOD Cubano Silver discusses sovereignty that accompanies a blend of rich vanilla custard, bested with a trace of caramelized dark colored sugar, and completed with a touch of nectar. Having a puff, you would have a craving for sitting under the brilliant, cool vanilla summer moon on a smooth coast, while watching the warm waves come in. Each breathe in brings to you the sweet hints of rumba out there. Relish this flavor talks about the imbuement of vanilla custard and nectar.

Updated: June 17, 2019 — 12:46 pm

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